Few loopholes when securing the removals boxes in the moving van

By | July 14, 2015

Planning a small house removal adventure for a long holiday or maybe for the summer vacations – perhaps hiring a small removal van is the best opt. It`s not that small that it can fit some truly large boxes and objects that yet can`t fit into your family car, as well as not that big compared to the expensive removal vans and the big removal trucks with two, three or more men. A small removal van for a family relocation is just perfect, especially if you search for a cheaper and a not so overwhelming service. There are numerous removal companies, which offer rental vans or man with a van services and the choice of vans is abundant. So, for a safe and pleasant trip, you should definitely know what exactly van type is needed for your removal boxes and belongings, but another main emphasis that will ensure a better relocation experience is to secure the removal boxes in the van justly. Take a look at the following loopholes:

1) When packing, wrapping, loading the moving van and all the other procedures by yourself – always a great idea is to improvise. Hiring only a van gives you more freedom, but the professional advices of the moving agents are indispensable too. Because of that, a great idea is to call the removal agency and ask for more info about their van – the maximum allowed cargo weight, volume, etc. Don`t forget to ask about the location and type of the door, which is especially essential for the safety of your items when loading or unloading. You can also easier imagine whether two or three of your helpers can fit in the cargo area so to ensure an easier and a better arrangement of the removal boxes and the heaviest furnishings, or the cargo space of the van allows only one person to move freely while loading and unloading. Ask your moving company about everything else that you remember, because you don`t want to rush at the moving day and especially to spend more time in taking difficult decisions to ensure the safety of the objects. Not to mention some particular factors that also affect the safety of the objects like the conditioning system of the van if you plan a trip in the mid-summer, the drive system if you moving house through a steep mountainous route, and more.

2) Improvise with homemade protection materials like blankets or old packs of kitchen machines or fitness equipment. Basically, it`s enough to stuff enough soft materials between the void spaces in the moving boxes, which will ensure no moving, rotating or turning during the trip. Yet pay more attention to the fragile items like windows, mirrors, flat TV screens, glasses or porcelain, for example. They may require an individual extra wrapping with soft fabric materials.

3) Use old newspapers to secure the not so delicate objects like small furniture pieces with sharp edges or paintings with wooden frames. Check out for some plastic or nylon bags, which are also perfect for stuffing inside the empty spaces of the moving boxes, as well as for wrapping small furniture pieces or other entire objects. However, there is nothing better to avoid any chance of free moving or turning of an object inside the box, than choosing the perfect size of the box. Because of that, check out for different removal boxes with different sizes, materials and forms.

4) Another great loophole is to fulfill not only the empty spaces between the items and the walls of the boxes, but also the empty spaces inside the items themselves. For instance, it should be quite safer to protect the soft pillows, curtains, blankets or shoes, by stuffing them inside the empty fridge, freezer or cooler. For more ideas: Man with a Van Bermondsey

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