Guide for the Moving Process

By | July 7, 2015

Moving house is a difficult task only if you let it to be. There are always steps you can take to take the sting out from the move, and simply go along with the flow of things. Do not encumber yourself with nerve-wrecking thoughts about the move, and focus on the move itself. There are things you need to do long before you call the removal van, so read on for some advice that will help you manage with the moving process.

Make a moving checklist. This is definitely something you will need, as you need to be aware of what you will be taking with you. Make a list of all these items, and make a copy – the movers will need to have the same list so that nothing goes missing. Once done putting down items, start packing. Get loads of cardboard boxes and bubble-wrap. Use the latter prominently in the packing. Bubble wrap will save more items than you could imagine. You should even use it on piles of books to avoid cover and page damage. And yes, use boxes and not bags. They are much more convenient for the packing process as everything will fit neatly inside, and you can order it in a fashion that will not cause damage to its contents. Not to mention that boxes can be carefully arranged inside the moving van so the chance for damage goes down even further. Mark all the boxes that contain fragile items! This is vital if you want to keep them all in tact during the move.

If you will be moving furniture, you should take apart everything that has that option. This will make moving a much easier process, you will find out. The big furniture that cannot be disassembled will be a slight problem, but nothing the movers cannot handle – they are the professionals, after all. Just be ready to help them take everything out.

Guide for the Moving Process

Now, have you chosen a proper moving company? This is also an important choice to make as there are many companies out there that have no legal documents, and some that hire shady characters for movers. The best thing to do would be to ask a friend who has recently moved about the removal service he or she used. If you receive a good reference, go for that company. Otherwise, you will have to do some homework and research a few companies before making your choice. The most important things you have to check for are legal documents, custom papers if you are moving to another state or country, and insurance papers. You should also call their insurance company to verify that everything is OK.

After getting all that out of the way, it is time to call the chosen moving company. Hand the movers one of the checklists, and start keeping track of everything they are loading in their van or vans. Do not be afraid to give orders – they are handling your things, after all. After everything is loaded up, it is time to go to your own car and follow the movers, ready to start the new chapter of your life.