Important items you should never forget to pack better

By | September 1, 2015

These are the top items, which should be high in your moving checklist. They all require some extra cares and protection solutions, because they are fragile, expensive or even priceless. Whether it comes to a small relocation for study or to a big moving with the entire family and all the objects from the old house – it is better to pay more attention when preparing the following items for the trip.

First, all the fragile items should be well protected via soft wrappings like old clothes, newspapers, curtains, etc. Another great hint is to use special labels on the boxes of the fragile items such as “Fragile” or “Glass”. Flat TV screens, laptops and other flat electronics should be included in this list too.

Second, use special wrappings when preparing expensive items for the big house move. From jewelries to albums with family photos and hi-tech kitchen equipment – they all need some extra wrappings to ensure their safety in the removal van. Make sure not to mix any liquids with the same box in order to avoid any risk from leakages throughout the route. Or else, make one small special box only for the most expensive items like jewelries, keys, souvenirs, etc. Keep it always with yourself during the trip and make sure that the items inside are well protected from frictions, scratches and other unwanted effects.

Third, the biggest items also require special cares, because they are probably the most important items during the relocation. For instance, let`s take a big dismantled furniture like a wardrobe, a desk or the kitchen table. When the biggest furnishings are dismantled – they require quite less space for storage and therefore a smaller removal box. However, the wooden corners of the furniture become more vulnerable to scratches and hits. Use edge protectors for the edges of all dismantled furnishings. Enwrap tight all the different pieces and make sure that they can`t move freely inside the box. Another great hint is to use handling straps for the biggest and heaviest objects, which definitely make the handling easier and safer.

Fourth – the paintings. Whether a big old and expensive painting or a portrait of the family, they all need a special protection especially when moving at a quite long distance. The removal box kits of the professional agencies include the exact type and size, according to almost every painting. They are usually thin and wide boxes, while the interior walls might be protected via air bags and other nylon wrappings. Another great tip is to arrange all the paintings in a vertically in the removal van and to ensure that they can`t move during the sharp turns. Mirrors, windows and other objects with a large surface may also require a better packing.

Fifth, kitchen appliances and electronics are the next items to put high on the agenda with the objects for an extra wrapping. In this case, a great idea is to use the original boxes of the big electrical objects such as the PC, the microwave and the kitchen robots. If you don`t keep their original boxes, then measure in advance the dimensions of the objects to determine better which exactly removal box is needed. In all cases, the removal box will protect your items from scratches in the moving van or in the most extreme case – from the bad weather if you move in a stormy or rainy day.