Quick instructions for hiring the perfect moving van

By | May 30, 2015
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Hiring a perfect removal van is that little and yet important step of the moving house journey, from which depends the entire journey as well. The perfect van don`t always means the most expensive or the biggest one. Even the smallest van can do the perfect job if you plan carefully its volume, specs and size, according to all your belongings. So, the first most important instruction in this list is to know what exactly you`re about to move in the new home, in advance.

1. Prepare your items at least a week before the move. First, begin with the items and objects, which don`t require an everyday use. These are usually the biggest and heaviest items like wardrobes, tables, chairs, paintings, curtains, shelves, kitchen equipment or almost everything bigger. Put off aside only the most important ones, which you have to use until the moving day and another great idea is to select so few things that they can fit into just one box, for an easier and less stressful packing at the moving day. All other objects should be fitted into their boxes, moving bags or other wrappings, and ready for loading. If you do this in advance – you will know what to get rid of and what you`re about to move. Then, just put all the bags, boxes and wrapped objects in the one corner of a room, and measure their common volume.

Quick instructions for hiring the perfect moving van

2. Start searching for a van with a volume that`s as closer to your belongings` volume as possible. It`s not good if you rent a van with a huge cargo space. It`s also not good if you rent a smaller van and so to enhance the risk of damaging your items due to the heavy weight when piled one on top another. The perfect van means the one that easily accommodates all the boxes and items, and still to have a small free space left for easy loading/unloading.

3. Determine whether you need a van with air conditioning or not; whether a 4WD van is the better opt or not; whether a van with a sliding side door is better than a van with a rear door or not, etc. All these yet small things to keep in mind are very essential on the moving day. Because of that, you can check out also in advance the location of the front door of your new home. If it`s closer to the main road – a van with side door might be a better opt, especially if the road is wider and there are no many neighbors with parked cars on the road. Or else, the air conditioning in the summer is truly recommended, especially for furnishings and objects with leather upholstery and when you`re about to drive a dozen hours or so.

4. Decide how many men you will need to help you with the lifting of wardrobes, tables, beds and other heavy items. Usually, a man with a van is the most typical option that`s recommended even for a big moving house with all the family. Moreover, the man is the driver too and so he knows best his van.

5. Calculate in advance how long it will take to drive to your new home and in case that you hire only a van and do everything else by yourself – this will help you to plan the van`s fuel consumption and where to stop for refueling. Therefore, you can easily plan the perfect road for the journey and when you`re about to arrive in the new home. Or else, a van for just one direction should be a better opt.